Pre-Order Dead Moon: The Book via Mail Order

For the past three years, Mississippi Records has been working been working on an art book and record set detailing the entire history of Dead Moon - the greatest rock band of all time. All the elements for the book are close to done.  Our goal was to make as high quality a document as we could, but also make it affordable.

What is this art book and record set?

It will be a 12.5 x 12.5-inch cloth and leather bound hardcover 300ish page full color book weighing around 6.5 pounds or 3 kilograms. The covers will have die cuts embedded and will hold 2 LP's

The book will tell the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff. Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public.

One of the LP's is a "greatest hits" overview of Dead Moon, the other features hard to find songs that appeared on long out of print singles and Europe only releases, as well as a couple unreleased songs.  All killer, no filler.  Absolutely no floor sweepings!

Even though the Kickstarter has officially ended you can order the Dead Moon Book through the Mississippi subscription service. 

USA Costs
Book alone - $70 (includes postage)
Book and basic T shirt - $85 (includes postage)
Book and Special edition T shirt - $90 (Includes postage)
You can send a check, cash or money order to
Mississippi Subscription Service
5202 N Albina Ave
Portland OR 97217
International Costs
Book alone - $55 PLUS POSTAGE
Book and basic T shirt - $70 PLUS POSTAGE
Book and Special edition T shirt - $85 PLUS POSTAGE
When it's out, we'll contact you about additional shipping charges.
Here is the email you can check in on things (including international shipping rates)   -